My Design Process
What is your design process? This is the question I get asked most frequently. It is both an easy and difficult question to answer. The easy answer is to ask you to look at the graphic below. Here I am trying to convey how a redesign or design from the bottom up might look over the course of two months. The real answer is more nuanced than that because each situation is different. What I mean by that is that not all design situations are linear or go through every step listed below. Having said that, this is the design process framework I use in my work.
Another way I might approach the design process is to think of it in 5 stages.
1. Discovery
2. Define
3. Design
4. Validate
5. Development
I often use a tool like Mondays or Trello to create a series of tasks within each stage and then use the tool to communicate progress in the overall process on a project-by-project basis.
Flow Diagrams
Every project is different of course, but I often find that a user flow diagram gives users, product and engineering a visual tool to help see the flow from the users' perspective before the wireframing stage begins. Here is one such example to help illustrate the kinds of artifacts I create at this stage in the process.
My Skills Matrix
There are multiple ways to evaluate a designer's talents, and the Skills Matrix (below) is one way to think about the skills a given designer is bringing to the table. In this case, this a self-assessment of my skills inventory and a snapshot into my ongoing evolution.
Hopefully, this tool also gives you some insight into my potential fit within your organization, and perhaps we can use a tool similar to this to help evaluate the designer skills on your team.
What I'm Looking For
I am seeking opportunities to lead a Web 3 product design team. I bring focused attention to how best to implement a human-centered design process that allows companies to scale effectively, build efficiently, implement design culture, remedy user frustrations and ultimately win in the margins in competitive markets. 
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